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why you SHOULD eat what you WANT (my experience with food freedom explained)


My experiences modeling have given me an interesting perspective on body image, food and the emphasis we put on "good" and "bad" diets when it comes to "health". I'm hoping this video can help shed light that "healthy" is different for everyone, and the healthiest thing YOU can do for YOURSELF if to have a good relationship with food, your body and your self image. Music Used: Music by WABI SABI - snowflake - 🤍

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You were born with a self-regulated appetite! Unfortunately diet culture & things you were taught at home have separated you from that ability. GOOD NEWS is: you can get it back!! When you heal your relationship with food and learn how to eat intuitively (aka FOOD FREEDOM), you will be able to confidently eat as much food as your body needs at all stages of your life. High exercise, low exercise, menopause, pregnancy, post partum, etc! Send me a message on IG if you want tot learn how I can support you to have a self regulated appetite in less than 12 weeks in my FOOD FREEDOM program! Nervous about party season? In this episode we chat all the mindset and food freedom strategies that we've practiced over the years to set us up for really positive party experiences. We cover body image and intuitive eating insights that have helped us in the hardest of times and that we still use to this day. Learn more about how I support women to stop dieting and achieve Food Freedom here: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram for Food Freedom, Intuitive Eating & nutrition tips daily! ➡️ 🤍 🤍 // WATCH THESE NEXT ⭐️ Reprogram Your Brain to stop overeating: 🤍 ⭐️ The science of your body and why low calorie diets don't work: 🤍 ⭐️ Can you lose weight with Food Freedom?: 🤍 // FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM 🤍 // ABOUT US (Nicky & Shayna) Hey, We are NIcky & Shayna! We make videos about Food Freedom, Intuitive Eating & Non-diet Nutrition. In addition to being on YouTube we also run a small nutrition coaching buisness that teaches women how to heal their relationship with food through Food Freedom! With Food Freedom women are able to stop dieting & feel 100% in control around all foods. After following our proven framework, they are able to feel healthy, energized and happy while eating FOODS THEY LOVE! If you want our help or just want to learn more, check out 🤍 -­

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If you are tired of dieting, restricting food & counting calories only to lose control and binge, this is for you 💕 I have been there. I thought I was that one person who could NEVER have treats like donuts, cookies or ice cream in my house because I would 💔eat them all💔. They would call my name from the kitchen. I would know exactly how many were left on the box. I would think about them all day. And 2 things would happen: I would have to throw them away so that they wouldn’t tempt me OR I would eat them all so they wouldn’t tempt me. Both which felt horrible 💩 But now I don’t diet, I don’t restrict certain foods, and I don’t count calories. And I DONT binge 🔥 So how did I heal, how was it possible to stop dieting AND gain control of my eating? Hint: the dieting & restriction was the cause of my loss of control. And the food isn’t the problem. It’s how the diet has taught you to think & feel about the food that’s the problem. And if you want to feel 100% in control around all foods, stop over eating & stop bingeing— you need to change the diet programming 🧠. By unlearning the drivers that are causing you to lose control with food & reprogram a healthy relationship with food. 🍩So that you can enjoy a donut without triggering a binge. 🍪Say no to cookies when you aren’t actually hungry 🍝and eat carbs without fear of over eating! Food can be easy & eating can be fun— you just need to teach your brain how to do it! 🔥which I am teaching you how to do in my free webinar next week! Leave “donuts” in the comments to get the l!nk. P.s. did you notice my original Lululemons? I got those in 2006, my very first pair! I had to dig them out of storage for this video 😂

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We looooveee self looooovveee 🫶 We also love: - food freeedom - trying new things - getting both desserts - solo-dates - our eye-brows (real or fake) - muffin-filled lives - being alone but not lonely Just wanted to remind you: I LOVE YOU. Even more than my new eyebrows hehe SHOP ALANI NU: 🤍

Food Freedom by Henry Cobb


Food Freedom by Henry Cobb. ✔ Discover ideas to survive the supply chain meltdown. Flip It, Read It, Download It and Review It: 🤍 Thank You! ♡♡♡

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Deliveroo Food Freedom | Full


Food Freedom - The Power to Order What You Want, Where You Want, When You Want. Explore what's on the menu at 🤍

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