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The BEST 10 Things to do in Chiang Mai 🇹🇭- Handpicked by Locals #Thailand #ChiangMai #Travelguide


Want to know exactly what to do and where to go in Chiang Mai, Thailand? Then this Video is a MUST for you. Discover a different Chiang Mai with #Withlocals → 🤍 We went around Chiang Mai with the Locals to discover the real Thai culture, the one the locals love. If you enjoyed this video: Like, Comment, Share! And don’t forget to subscribe to the Withlocals channel! 🤍 for more travel inspirations from across the Globe! Traveling more in Thailand? See our BANGKOK Top Things to do Video as well here: 🤍 🔥🔥 JOIN OUR CHANNELS 🔥🔥 👉 Subscribe to our Youtube channel: 🤍 👈 ►Find cool local experiences: 🤍 ►Download the iOS / Android App: 🤍 ►Follow us on Facebook: 🤍 ►Follow us on IG: 🤍 ►Follow us on Twitter: 🤍

Chiang Mai - The Coolest City of Thailand!


Download the Smallcase App Now! - 🤍 Chiang Mai has definitely become one of our favourite cities in Thailand. Surrounded by lush green mountains this ancient city blurs lines between the old and the new. We ride to Doi Inthanon National Park to check out the highest peak in all of Thailand. The Old City of Chiang Mai has many stunning temples. Wat Chedi Luang and Wat Phra Singh leave us completely spellbound. Northern Thailand is known for it’s epic cuisine. We try out a bunch of local delicacies at the very famous Tong Tem Toh Restaurant in the Nimman area. And finally, the over-the-top absolutely indulgent weekend markets of Chiang Mai - the Wua Lai Walking Street and the Phae Walking Street offer never-ending stimuli to your brain! Food, clothes, trinkets, antiques, handicrafts, entertainment - they’ve got it all and then some! We honestly wish we had some more time in this kick ass city! Catch some Exclusive BTS content and extra clips by supporting us and signing up for memberships - 🤍 Take your films to the next level with music from Musicbed. Sign up for a free account to listen for yourself: 🤍 Our MAIN CAMERA - 🤍 Handy GORILLAPOD - 🤍 For more details about our EQUIPMENT check out our AMAZON STORE - 🤍 Created by: Ronnie & Barty 🤍 #chiangmai #chiangmaithailand #thailand #thaifood 00:00 Intro Chiang Mai 00:47 Highest Point in Thailand! Doi Inthanon 05:18 Smallcase 07:10 Old City - Wat Chedi Luang 09:10 Old City - Wat Phra Singh 10:40 Yummy Northern Thai Food 12:19 Trendy Nimman 13:44 EPIC Weekend Markets

Chiang Mai Thailand Travel Guide 2023 4K


CHIANG MAI, THAILAND: In this Chiang Mai travel guide we show you the old city, temples, several animal rescues and much more. The best things to do in Chiang Mai can be found in this travel video for Chiang Mai. The northern part of Thailand including the Golden Triangle. In our next Thailand travel video we will head north to Chiang Rai. Bangkok Travel Video: 🤍 Chiang Rai Travel Video: 🤍 Chiang Mai Travel Topics: Best Things to do in Chiang Mai Chiang Mai Travel Tips Chiang Mai Travel Guide Island Hopper TV takes you around the world to the premiere travel destinations. Our virtual travel guides from across America to Asia, Europe and Australia have assisted many world travelers in educating themselves on their next destination to travel or even vacation.

20 EPIC Things to do in Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai (2023) | Thailand Travel Guide


20 EPIC Things to do in Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai (2022) | Thailand Travel Guide Planning a trip to Thailand and wondering what the best things to do in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are? Hold my drink. Allow us show you bucket list attractions and experiences that you need to add to your Thailand itinerary. Easily one of our favourite regions in Thailand, Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai are both magical, inspiring and completely different to Bangkok’s bustling city life and the island experiences. This northern Thailand travel guide covers what to do in Chiang Mai for all types of travellers, as well as a side trip to Chiang Rai Thailand and even as far north as the Golden Triangle. We hope you’re hyped and excited once you’re through with this Thailand travel vlog! 0:00 Intro 0:13 Thai Cooking School 0:53 Elephant Parade Land 1:15 Jungle Restaurant 1:56 Tamarind Village 2:16 Rickshaw Tour 2:45 Cafes & Co-working 3:09 Chiang Mai Night Safari 3:33 Mae Kampong Village 4:06 Northern Thai Food 4:12 Elephant Jungle Bubble 4:36 Walking with Elephants 4:58 Anantara Golden Triangle 5:38 Thailand-Myanmar Border 6:18 Jinnaluck 7:17 Thai BBQ Restaurant 7:36 Choui Fong Tea Plantation 8:03 Singha Park 8:36 White Temple 8:51 Blue Temple 9:08 Pha Soet Hot Spring 9:49 Jun Ka Pak 10:06 Wat Huay Pla Kang MORE THAILAND VIDEOS: 👉 Bangkok: Ultimate 3-Day Itinerary 🤍 👉 5 FUN Things to do in Hua Him 🤍 HANGRY BY NATURE ► TikTok • 🤍 ► Blog • 🤍 ► Instagram • 🤍

This is How CHIANG MAI is Now (Visiting Our Favourite Markets) 🇹🇭 Thailand


When we left Chiang Mai two years ago it was dead quiet. So we’re happy to see this is how Chiang Mai is now, with weekend markets up and running and street food vendors busy cooking away. Join us as we re-visit some of our favourite places in the city and experience the lively atmosphere of Chiang Mai. LOCATIONS FEATURED: 📍Jing Jai Market: 🤍 📍Wat Pha Lat: 🤍 📍Doorbell Ice Cream(โฮมเฟรชไอศกรีม): 🤍 📍Tha Phae Walking Street (on Sundays): 🤍 If you enjoy our videos, here are some ways you can support us! △ Hit SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and SHARE our videos with your friends! △ Check out our NEW merch | 🤍 △ It takes a lot of coffee to produce a video | 🤍 △ Support us directly | 🤍 We appreciate you and thank you for your support :) GEARS WE USE △ Canon EOS M50 △ DJI Mavic Mini 2 △ GoPro Hero 10 △ Boya by-MM1 Compact On Camera Microphone WHERE WE GET OUR MUSIC △ Epidemic Sound (30 Day Free Trial): 🤍 LET’S CONNECT △ Website: 🤍 △ Business Enquiries: floraandnote🤍 △ Instagram: 🤍 Video Breakdown by Chapters: 0:00 - Intro 0:40 - Our Favourite Morning Market 1:28 - Best Coffee in Town 5:48 - Hidden Temple near Doi Suthep 7:30 - Self Service Ice Cream Shop 10:51 - What is Sunday Walking Street like now? Disclosures: Some links in the description are affiliate links. If you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a commission at no additional cost to you. #floraandnote #thailand #chiangmai

Thailand HOSPITAL VISIT (Including Cost) - Chiang Mai Healthcare and Medical Tourism


Thailand Hospital Visit (Including Cost) - Chiang Mai Healthcare and Medical Tourism. Are you wondering how much medical care costs at a Thailand hospital? Join us as we visit a hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand for a check-up and medical procedures. We break down the entire process for you so you know better what to expect. Thailand is a great place to get medical treatment, and hospitals here are some of the best in the world. In our experience, we found the care at the hospital in Chiang Mai to be top-notch and easy to navigate with English-speaking doctors and nurses. #medicaltourism #thailandhealthcare #thailandhospital Thanks for watching!! Video Links: 🤍 👉Stay Safe Online with Surfshark VPN (click here for a great discount): 🤍 👇🏻 Ways To Support Our Channel - Any support we receive is directly used to keep bringing you videos from around the world. Thank you!! 🍺Buy us a Beer (helps us to continue to produce videos): 🤍 💛PayPal (Tip Jar): 🤍 😍 SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 ► FOLLOW US INSTAGRAM say hi and follow along on our daily adventures 🤍 FACEBOOK 🤍 Some links below are affiliate links. By using them there is no additional cost to you. This helps us continue bringing you videos from around the world! If you do choose to use them - Thank you!! 👇🏻Handy Links to our DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT Travel Essentials: TSA-Approved Toiletry Bags: 🤍 Bar Shampoo and Conditioner: 🤍 World Travel Adapter Kit: 🤍 MakeUp Eraser: 🤍 Eye Mask: 🤍 Reusable Shopping Bag: 🤍 Fire TV Stick: 🤍 Waterproof Phone Pouch: 🤍 CLOTHING Carrie's Wrap skirts: 🤍 Tank Tops: 🤍 Brian's Brian's Kuhl Shorts: 🤍 Brian's REI T-Shirts: 🤍 Brian's TSA Approved Travel Belt: 🤍 Shoulder Belt Bags: Carrie's: 🤍 Brian's: 🤍

Don’t Make This Mistake in Chiang Mai 🇹🇭


After two weeks in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, we decided it was time to move up North to one of our favourite cities in Thailand, Chiang Mai. Last time we were here, things were very quiet, and we spent months under curfew during the height of the pandemic, unable to enjoy Chiang Mai to the fullest- so we are very excited to see this beautiful city is like now that it is coming back to life. The day got off to a bit of a hectic start with an unplanned visit to the police station… so much has changed since we were last here! 📍Chiang Mai Gate Market: 🤍 📍Wat Chedi Luang: 🤍 📍Wat Phra Singh Woramahawihan: 🤍 📍Khao Soy Maesai: 🤍 BUSINESS ENQUIRIES: 2passports1dream🤍 WHAT WE USE: ◆VPN: 🤍 ◆Insurance: 🤍 ◆Currency card: 🤍 SUPPORT US: ☕Buy us a coffee: 🤍 💰Donate: 🤍 📘Our E-Book: 🤍 👕Merch: 🤍 SOCIAL MEDIA: ◆Instagram: 🤍 ◆TikTok: 🤍🤍2passports1dream ◆Facebook: 🤍 ◆Twitter: 🤍 ◆Website: 🤍 #Thailand #ChiangMai #Travel

BLOWN AWAY in CHIANG MAI, THAILAND | Things TO DO Chiang Mai 2023! 🇹🇭


Traveling to Chiang Mai? We'll show you the TOP things to DO in the largest city in Northern Thailand! 🇹🇭 Chiang Mai is really a MUST VISIT! On our first day in Chiang Mai, we were already blown away by the incredible things to do in this Thai city! We visited the famous Jing Jai MuanMuan market, explored Chiang Mai Old Town, visited amazing temples, and ate typical Thai food! #chiangmai #chiangmaithailand #travelthailand 00:00 travel guide and things to do in Chiang Mai, Thailand! 00:36 Jing Jai MuanMuan market Chiang Mai 01:26 the best (and cutest) coffee we've ever had 02:11 food at the Jing Jai MuanMuan market 😋 06:20 walking to Chiang Mai Old Town 07:49 Wat Inthakhin Sadue Muang 08:51 Wat Phra Singh Woramahawihan 09:21 eating a typical Northern Thailand dish (Khao Soi) 10:17 visiting the incredible Wat Phra That Doi Suthep 15:34 another delicious Thai meal 🇹🇭 17:01 look what we've found... Subscribe for more travel videos! - - 💛 WE HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE VIDEO! - • THUMBS UP if you liked this video & want to help YouTube take notice of us 👍🏼 • SUBSCRIBE to our channel to help us keep creating videos 🤍 • INSTAGRAM say hi and follow our daily adventures! 🤍 - 🔥 LEARN TO CREATE VIDEOS LIKE A PRO! - • Adi is an online videography teacher. Ready to learn how to create amazing videos yourself? Try it out here: 🤍 - 📸 GEAR WE RECOMMEND - • Main video camera 🤍 • Main photo camera 🤍 • Check out all of the gear we LOVE: 🤍 - 📮 SAY HELLO - • Any business inquiries? Get in contact at hello🤍 • We also work as freelance videographers and photographers! Can we create something for you? We hope you enjoy our videos! Please leave any tips, ideas, or questions in the comments below. 😄 Lots of love, Adi & Myra



How is Chiang Mai in December 2022? Is it busy? is it worth a visit? Today I bring you around Chiang Mai (Thailand) and I will show you how is Chiang Mai in December 2022. I check-in at Lotus Hotel Pang Suan Kaew, I will quickly show you the room and then we are going all around Chiang Mai: Temples, Wat Chedi, Cafes, Night Bazar, Sunday market, Dot Suthep and so much more! I made this video on December 2022, and you can see and feel the beautiful weather and atmosphere of Chiang Mai. Let me know in the comments below what do you think about Chiang Mai in December 2022. Are you planning to come here soon? Thanks for watching and I wish you a beautiful day! :) Gabi 0:00 Intro Chiang Mai 0:58 Hotel tour 3:25 Hair cut 4:15 Best time to visit Chiang Mai 5:25 Shopping around 8:04 Wat Chedi temple 9:45 Digital Nomads are back in Chiang Mai 11:11 things to do in Chiang Mai 12:20 Street Food 13:20 co-working cafe in Chiang Mai 14:38 Night bazar Chiang Mai 16:45 New day 18:34 My gift for you (bicycle) 20:05 Markets in Chiang Mai 21:29 Chris 24:34 Sunday Market Chiang Mai 25:52 Conclusions Watch my last video in Bangkok: 🔥 How is Bangkok now? (December 2022) 🤍 ➡ INSURANCE FOR THAILAND 🇹🇭 🤍 ➡ ELITE VISA: Learn more here 🇹🇭 🤍 ➡ Thailand Mate website 🇹🇭: 🤍 ➡ FACEBOOK GROUP (Thailand Mate) 🇹🇭 🤍 🔥🚲 My bicycle in Chiang Mai: 🤍 🔥✂️ Hair cut 100 baht: 🤍 🔥 Lotus Hotel Pang Suan Kaew: 🤍

I'M BACK IN THAILAND!!! | Exploring Chiang Mai's Top Attractions + Food Tour


Chiang Mai is known as the capital city of Northern Thailand and it is bursting with beauty. From the rich history of the Old Town so the more modern streets of Nimman, there's something for everyone in this lovely city. Join me and my Dad as we wander around some of the most popular parts of the city, try some delicious food like durian and Khao Soi, as well as take a trip to one of the most famous temples in Thailand: Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. Hope you enjoy the video! xx Support my journey on Patreon: 🤍 Paypal Account: alina_397🤍 The travel health insurance I use - PassportCard Nomads: 🤍 *I highly recommend this travel health insurance because you don't have to pay out of pocket for your medical expenses and they have very reasonably priced long term plans. You can buy the packages for shorter trips as well, but they're especially fantastic for digital nomads and nomads who want regular health insurance when they are abroad. I am an affiliate of this company, but of course use the plans myself. My Favorite Browser Extension To Save Money Online - Honey (price shops everything for you with coupon codes, amazing): 🤍 My Favorite Travel Backpacks + Luggage - Osprey: 🤍 1 FREE AUDIOBOOK FROM AUDIBLE (I loooooove this service): 🤍 Best Way To Send Money Abroad - 🤍 The Music I Use In My Videos - Epidemic Sound Get a 30 Day FREE TRIAL by using my referral link: 🤍 - Equipment I Use To Film Videos - Main Video Camera: DJI Osmo Pocket 2 - 🤍 Action Camera: DJI Action - 🤍 Photography + Sit down camera: Sony a6400 - 🤍 Gimbal for Sony: DJI Ronin RSC 2 - 🤍 Drone: DJI Mini 2 - 🤍 Microphone: Rode Micro - 🤍 Livestreaming Equipment: Iphone 11 and DJI OM - 🤍 * FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA * Instagram - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 WEBSITE - 🤍 Мой русскоязычный канал / My Russian Speaking Channel: 🤍 * I USE AFFILIATE LINKS * Affiliate links do not cost you as the consumer any more than you would normally pay, but it does offer a kickback to the person who initiated the sale. This allows me to financially continue to be able to make content for you and I only endorse products I genuinely love. Any sponsored content will be stated as so. Contact me: alina_397🤍 Lots of love xx Alina

Top 15 things to do in CHIANG MAI, Thailand | Chiang Mai Nightlife 4k


This video reveals the Top 15 things to do in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Here, You will get a complete travel guide to Chiang Mai. This video will help you figure out all about the best things to do in Chiang Mai, including Chiang Mai nightlife, Chiang Mai travel tips, things to do in Chiang Mai, where to go, what to do in Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai attractions, and the top places to visit in Chiang Mai.🔥 Our top things to do in Chiang Mai are Take a zipline at Pong Yang Adventure Park, Go Hiking at Doi Inthanon National Park and Visit Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Chiang Mai. If you wonder what things to do in Chiang Mai, this video is a helpful travel guide for Chiang Mai that will provide you with some insider tips.🌎⚡️ From Chiang Mai's top things to do to, top places to eat, we've covered it all for you.🔥❤️ So, Never miss these Top 15 things to do in Chiang Mai. We hope you like this video and find it helpful. Thank you so much for watching! Please like, comment & share this video as it helps us out a ton!! Don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more amazing videos and make sure to hit the bell icon to never miss any updates.🔥❤️ ✅Subscribe here: 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ⚡️Chapters: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 👉 0:00 Intro 👉 0:32 15. Visit Doi Suthep 👉 1:23 14. Explore the Old City on a Bike 👉 2:00 13. Shop at Night Bazaar and Weekend Night Markets 👉 2:40 12. Enjoy a Massage at Women's Massage Center By Ex-Prisoner 👉 3:04 11. Have a walk in Chiang Mai University 👉 3:22 10. Have a Thai Beer at Nimman Road 👉 3:40 9. Explore Mae Ping River by Boat 👉 4:05 8. Eat Mango Stick Rice at Warorot Market 👉 4:29 7. Eat Khao Soi Noodles 👉 4:56 6. Take a cooking class at the Farm 👉 5:16 5. Visit Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Chiang Mai 👉 5:46 4. Go Hiking at Doi Inthanon National Park 👉 6:20 3. Take a day trip to Chiang Rai 👉 6:50 2. Meditate at Wat Suan Dok 👉 7:24 1. Take a zipline at Pong Yang Adventure Park 👉 8:01 Bonus: Lantern Festivals of Loi Krathong and Yi Peng ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ #chiangmai #thailand #thingstodo #travel #Traveltaskforce ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ⚡️Gratitude to: 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ⭐ Contact Us: For collaboration or any queries: contact🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Disclaimer: FTC Legal Disclaimer - Some links found in the description of our videos may be affiliate links, meaning we may make a commission on sales you make through my link. This is at no extra cost to you to use my links/codes. We choose established online travel agencies to work with, such as Booking, Expedia, Agoda, TripAdvisor, and Klook, and conduct independent research and reviews about the hotels/activities. Thanks for your kind support! RIGHT NOTICE: The Copyright Laws of the United States recognize a “fair use” of copyrighted content. Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act states: “Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phono records or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright." This video and our YouTube channel, in general, may contain certain copyrighted works that were not specifically authorized to be used by the copyright holder(s), but which we believe in good faith are protected by federal law and the Fair use doctrine for one or more of the reasons noted above. ⭐For copyright inquiries, please contact us at contact🤍

Chiang Mai Real Estate Has CHANGED 🇹🇭 Cost of Living Thailand


Should you rent or buy a Condo or house in Chiang Mai, Thailand? I'll show you prices of 2 x Condos and 1 x House and you can decide. You will see what $1,000 a month gets you or what $200,000 gets you, and you'll know more about the Cost of Living in Thailand. Real estate in Chang Mai has changed and units are getting snapped up quickly. If you are looking for either the first house of the 2nd condo in this video, then reach out and get it before they are off the market. If you dream of living in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand's awesome city then this video is for you. If you are looking to buy or rent in Chiang Mai, Bangkok, or Samui, then RW4U Real Estate is here for you. Contact us here: connect🤍 Website: 🤍 Looking to retire, live, or work in Thailand? We got you covered. Check out our website: 🤍 Handy Links For Thailand Lovers... 🏠 Buying or Renting Property in Thailand: 🤍 🍲 Experience Thailand Like a Local: 🤍 🌴 Epic Thailand Group Tours: 🤍 ✈️ Free Flights, Meetups, and Fun: 🤍 👕 Thailand Merch: 🤍 🛏️ Secret Hotel Discounts: 🤍 🇹🇭 Thailand Travel Tools: 🤍 🏥 Medical Tourism in Thailand: 🤍 Join The Community... 📸 Instagram: 🤍 🎬 Facebook: 🤍 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 📽 Best Of Thailand Channel: 🤍 My goal with this channel is to grow a community of Thailand Lovers who like to have fun. Day dreaming is encouraged here. Always remember, you only get so many trips around the sun... so make 'em count!

CHIANG MAI AREAS - Where To Stay in Chiang Mai?


In this video, we'll show you where to stay in the best areas of Chiang Mai, Thailand. From the historic city center to the tranquil riverside, We'll show you it all. Whether you're a tourist or a long-term resident, we've got recommendations for the best places to stay in Chiang Mai. We'll share information about each area, including tourist attractions, nightlife, dining, and more. So whether you're looking for a relaxing stay in the city or a busy day out in the sunshine, Chiang Mai has it all. 🔴 PHUKET AREAS - Where To Stay in Phuket? - 🤍 🔴 I get my music from Epidemic Sounds (30 Day Free Trial) 🤍 BUSINESS ENQUIRIES : hutchiexx5🤍 ☕SUPPORT THE CHANNEL☕ If you'd like to support the channel you can click this link and buy me a coffee. Thank you! ;-) 🔴 🤍 🔴🤍

Thailand Street Food - INSANE WHOLE HERBAL CHICKEN + 11 Best Foods to Try in Chiang Mai!!


🍲 Chiang Mai Street Food Tour: 🤍 🥬 Harvesting and Eating Taro Stems: 🤍 🔔 SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 Don’t miss new food videos! The absolute must eat foods in Chiang Mai, dishes you can’t leave Chiang Mai without tasting. In this video, you’ll learn about 11 of the best Northern Thai dishes to eat, and where to eat them when you’re in Chiang Mai, Thailand! 1. Khao Soi ข้าวซอย Easily one of the most famous and tastiest northern Thai dishes is khao soi - a bowl of usually egg noodles topped with a spice flavored coconut milk based curry sauce. It’s something you can’t miss when you’re in Chiang Mai! Khao Soi Mae Manee ข้าวซอยแม่มณี (🤍 Khao Soi Loong Surin ข้าวซอยลุงสุรินทร์ (🤍 2. Gaeng Hanglay แกงฮังเล Gaeng hanglay is a richly flavorful Burmese pork stew with ginger and curry powder. It’s a dish you’ll find on every northern Thai menu. Huen Jai Yong เฮือนใจ๋ยอง (🤍 Kiti Panit กิติพานิช (🤍 3. Nam Ngiao น้ำเงี้ยว If there’s one comfort food for Northern Thai people, it’s got to be nam ngiao - a pork and tomato water stew that’s typically eaten with rice noodles. Khanom Jeen Sanpakoi ขนมจีนสันป่าข่อย (🤍 Nam Ngiaw Loong Pong น้ำเงี้ยวลุงพงษ์ (🤍 4. Nam Phrik Num น้ำพริกหนุ่ม Roasted green chilies are then pounded with garlic and shallots to create this delicious green chili paste that’s perfect for eating with vegetables or crispy pork rinds. Ton Phayom Market ตลาดต้นพยอม (🤍 Mae Hia Fresh Market ตลาดสดแม่เหียะ (🤍 5. Laap ลาบ For meat based dishes, laap is the greatest. Fresh meat is minced by hand, mixed with tingly spices, and eaten with herbs and sticky rice. It’s traditionally eaten raw, but cooked is also acceptable. Laap Ton Koi ร้านลาบต้นข่อย (🤍 Laap Ton Yang ลาบต้นยาง (🤍 6. Gai Neung ไก่นึ่ง Translated to steamed chicken, but really so much more than that - the chicken is coated in a thick paste of herbs and chilies and steamed until all the flavors come together. Khong Khao Mueang ก่องข้าวเมือง (🤍 Huen Jai Yong เฮือนใจ๋ยอง (🤍 7. Yang Ruam ย่างรวมมิตร Northern Thai food is characterized by smoky grilled meat and there’s no better way to experience it than to get the mixed grill. Kumsangdao คุ้มแสงดาว (🤍 Laap Yong ลาบยอง (🤍 8. Gaeng Pak Wan / Gaeng Nor Mai / Gaeng Khae Although Northern Thai food tends to be pretty meat heavy, there are some amazing seasonal vegetable curries, stews and soups. Krua Phech Doi Ngam ครัวเพชรดอยงาม (🤍 Khong Khao Mueang ก่องข้าวเมือง (🤍 9. Dtam Kanun ตำขนุน Krua Lawng Khao ครัวหลองข้าว (🤍 Mae Hia Market ตลาดสดแม่เหียะ (🤍 10. Aeb pla / aeb ong or แอ๊บปลา Kiti Panit กิติพานิช (🤍 Mae Hia Market ตลาดสดแม่เหียะ (🤍 11. Sai Ua ไส้อั่ว Mae Hia Market ตลาดสดแม่เหียะ (🤍 Sai Ua Kam Paeng ไส้อั่วคำแปง (🤍 And so that wraps up this list of best Northern Thai food you must try when you’re in Chiang Mai, Thailand! Thank you again to the Tourism Authority of Thailand for sponsoring this video. 🎵MUSIC: 🤍 —————————————————— 📱FOLLOW: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

Top Things to See and Do in Chiang Mai Old City 2023


In this video, we're exploring the Old City of Chang Mai, one of Thailand's most popular tourist destinations. Here, you'll get to see some of the top things to see and do in this beautiful city. From ancient temples to beautiful gardens, this video is a great way to get to know Chang Mai and the surrounding area. If you're planning a trip to Thailand, be sure to include Chang Mai on your list! CHAPTERS 00:00 Intro 1:01 Rod Daeng Chiang Mai Taxi 02:11 Old City Chiang Mai (The Arrival) 02:46 Chiang Mai Gate Market 03:21 Nong Buad Hak Public Park 06:41 Chiang Mai Gate (CITY GATE) 7:15 Chiang Mai Cafe and Hotels 08:08 Old City Temples 09:01 Gravity Cafe (Best Breakfast Place) 09:32 Seven Slash Two Cafe 10:48 $2 Meal (Khao Soi Chicken Curry Noodles) 12:01 Outro Book your TOURS here!! 👇 🤍 ——— 🎵 DO YOU LIKE OUR VLOG MUSIC? Where I get great Music for my Videos (try it out for free): 🤍 ——— 👉 Check out the SafetyWing Medical Insurance for Travel 🤍 ——— Join me on Instagram: 🤍 #chiangmai #thailand #exploringwithkaren

Chiang Mai NIGHTLIFE 2022! How's the RED LIGHT District now?


Checking out the nightlife/Redlight District here in Chiang Mai! This is an information-based video, as we explore how this area of Chiang Mai is doing and how busy it is now in September 2022. We go to Loi Kroh road and visit 3 places and multiple bars to give you guys a feel, and to see if it's worth visiting the nightlife. If you plan to visit Chiang Mai's nightlife scene, I'm sure you'll find the area you're looking for in this video. ❤️DIRECTLY DONATE TO SUPPORT THE WORK❤️ 👇 🤍 Or 👇 🤍 🔻CONTRIBUTE TO THE NEXT FREELANCE FRIDAY VIDEO🔻 👇👇👇 🤍 (Extras Tab) 📱▶THE GEAR I USE◀ 📸 👇 iPhone (Main Camera)📱 : 🤍 Secondary Camera 📷: 🤍 Secondary Camera Lens【】 : 🤍 Mic For Camera 🎤: 🤍 Laptop 💻: 🤍 Drone Kit ✈ : 🤍 🎶 ▶THE MUSIC I USE◀🎶 👇 Epidemic Sound : 🤍 00:00 Preview 00:34 Intro 01:45 First Area 05:14 Second Area 11:21 Third Area 13:31 Conclusion

Chiang Mai Smokey Season - It's Early this Year!


This year (2023) it appears that the smokey season in Chiang Mai Thailand is early! See for yourself in this episode. We also take a look at a unique mall called Pantip Plaza Chiang Mai (ศูนย์การค้าพันธุ์ทิพย์ เชียงใหม่) and check out the last meal in Chiang Mai for my guests at The Terracotta Garden at Lamphun (สวนไม้ไทยบ้านพ่อเลี้ยงหมื่น) 2023 Please Support this channel and buy us a coffee. 🤍 Pantip Plaza Chiang Mai (ศูนย์การค้าพันธุ์ทิพย์ เชียงใหม่) Pantip Plaza Chiang Mai (ศูนย์การค้าพันธุ์ทิพย์ เชียงใหม่) The Terracotta Garden at Lamphun (สวนไม้ไทยบ้านพ่อเลี้ยงหมื่น) 🤍 Music License Codes XD7EJV4RY1CYZ7EM

Lost in Chiang Mai / Paradise in the Mountains / Northern Thailand Motorbike Tour 2022


A few days motorbike tour to mountains of Chiang Mai province in Northern Thailand. In today's travel video I am inviting you to make an exciting motorbike tour to the mountains of Chiang mai province in Northern Thailand and explore it together. Here we are going to find breathtaking mountainous landscapes and unique places to stay, long windy roads, delicious Thai food, strong local coffee and as always - sweet and friendly people! - - Useful Links: FAQ: 🤍 Music: 🤍 Order a T-Shirt: 🤍 Buy Mickey a coconut: 🤍 Extra content on Patreon: 🤍 - - Location: Khao Soi Shop 🤍 TOP BARBER 🤍 Steak Dekneaw 🤍 Kaempong Dome Chiang Dao 🤍 Chiang Dao Viewpoint 🤍 Doi Ang Khang Campground 🤍 Farmer’s Market 🤍 Coffee Village 🤍 Wat Thaton Chedi 🤍 - - Filming Gear: Main camera: 🤍 New lens: 🤍 Action camera: 🤍 360° camera: 🤍 Mic: 🤍 Stabilizer: 🤍 New drone: 🤍 - - Socials: Instagram 🤍 Facebook 🤍 Tiktok 🤍 Twitter 🤍 - - For business collaborations: "Stotch.Mickey🤍"



Quite a few people have remarked , how do you drive in that mess. Well in this video I pretty much show you . I can say I felt the same way , reluctant , but after driving for 11 years you tend to get use to it and learn to drive in existence with other drivers here . Thank you for stopping in and checking out the channel if you like seeing things around Thailand from my prospective please leave comments subscribe and click the notification bell and help support the channel .... Gear used Tube Buddy 🤍 Sony a6600 camera Sigma 16 mm 1.4 lens Weebills gimble Amazon 67 inch mono pod SJ 5000 mini cam Gopro Hero 9 Synco remote Mic G1 A2 DJI Phantom 4 1st generation Edited with Filmora X and Lightroom cc

Why YOU MUST VISIT Mae Kampong Village in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Use our promo code FLORAANDNOTE to get 10% off your first Manta Sleep mask: 🤍 Today we are staying in Thailand's most picturesque village called Mae Kampong, which is only an hour's drive from Chiang Mai and has a small population of only 500 people. We found an amazing little homestay there so come with us on an overnight trip hidden up in the mountains of Northern Thailand. LOCATIONS FEATURED: 📍Mae Kampong Village: 🤍 📍Preanhuan Cha-Ma Homestay: 🤍 If you enjoy our videos, here are some ways you can support us! △ Hit SUBSCRIBE, LIKE and SHARE our videos with your friends! △ Check out our NEW merch | 🤍 △ It takes a lot of coffee to produce a video | 🤍 △ Support us directly | 🤍 We appreciate you and thank you for your support :) GEARS WE USE △ Canon EOS M50 △ DJI Mavic Mini 2 △ GoPro Hero 10 △ Boya by-MM1 Compact On Camera Microphone WHERE WE GET OUR MUSIC △ Epidemic Sound (30 Day Free Trial): 🤍 LET’S CONNECT △ Business enquiries: floraandnote🤍 △ Instagram: 🤍 Video Breakdown by Chapters: 0:00 - Welcome to Mae Kampong 1:35 - Arriving to the village 3:25 - The perfect homestay 4:47 - What is Manta Sleep? 6:53 - Trying Northern Thai snacks 11:40 - Traditional Khantoke dinner 14:21 - Recap of homestay experience 16:56 - Bloopers Disclosures: Some links in the description are affiliate links. If you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a commission at no additional cost to you. #floraandnote #thailand #chiangmai #maekampong

Why CHIANG MAI Nightlife Is Rated The BEST In Thailand 2022 | (Chiang Mai Thailand)


Why CHIANG MAI Nightlife Is Rated The BEST In Thailand 2022 | (Chiang Mai 2022) Be Sure To Subscribe HERE For More ➡️: 🤍 Hello, In this Thailand 2022 video we will be discussing the famous nightlife of Chiang Mai 2022. This city massively increasing in popularity due to its university, street food, vlog, bars and massage. However in this video we will discuss specifically chiang mai nightlife today and in september. So rather than visiting pattaya nightlife, patong bangla road, phuket nightlife or Bangkok nightlife we reccomend you visit chiang mai nightlife now. As chiang mai elephant sanctuary, mango as well as chiang mai sunday night market. If you want to visit thailand 2023 to enjoy thailand nightlife 2022 than chiang mai night safari is for you. For the best nightlife location to have a massage or meet freelancer than loi kroh road nightlife is the place for you. We will show you live chiang mai walking street as well as sunday walking street chiang mai (wat phra singh chiang mai). If you want to know chiang mai nightlife area watch until the end. As this video is a chiang mai travel guide, if you plan chiang mai solo travel.



Is this our BIGGEST challenge YET in the TRAVELLING THAILAND series? We hop on the bike and set out to make it all the way from Chiang Mai to Pai in time for sunset at Pai Canyon, can we do it... With the MOST bends and turns on this journey, this could just be our biggest challenge YET on our travel journey. But FIRST grab yourself a cuppa tea, sit back and we hope you enjoy! Lauren and Reece x #roadtrip #thailandtravel #chiangmaitopai #pai #canyon

Chiang Dao: The Perfect Escape from Chiang Mai


Welcome to Chiang Dao, the hidden gem of Northern Thailand and the perfect escape from the bustling city of Chiang Mai. Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, Chiang Dao offers a tranquil and serene atmosphere that is perfect for those looking to get away from it all. In this video, I head to the incredible DOI LHUNG lookout, a journey through the beautiful landscapes and natural wonders of Chiang Dao. So come along with me as I discover why Chiang Dao is the perfect escape from Chiang Mai. Whether you're a nature lover, a culture enthusiast or just looking for a relaxing getaway, Chiang Dao has something to offer everyone. So pack your bags and let's go! _ 📍Locations in this video: ▶️ Saming Guest House - 🤍 ▶️ Doi Lhung Lookout - 🤍 🔔 SUBSCRIBE to my channel (it's free!) so you won't miss any future episodes: 🤍 💖 FOLLOW ME ON MY SOCIAL MEDIA! 📷 Instagram ► 🤍 📷 Facebook ► 🤍 Recommended Playlist - Thailand Tips : 🤍 More of my videos that you might enjoy: ⭐$10 A Day In Chiang Mai Thailand | Cost of Living 2022: 🤍 ⭐Living Under $700 In Thailand | Chiang Mai Possible? 🤍 ⭐Is Solo Travelling Fun? | Chiang Mai Thailand 2022: 🤍 ⭐5 Things I STRUGGLED With In Thailand (At First): 🤍 Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!): 🤍 License code: XORWE3E1UYOJKL9E

Chiangmai Vlog🇹🇭| WE GOT LOST IN THE WOODS! Instagrammable Hotels, Only 1k Travel Expenses, etc ✈️


My friends and I went to Chiangmai last week and it was a really spontaneous trip! They have planned everything prior to the trip and this was my second trip after lockdown. This is my first time to Chiangmai and I really love this place! The Hotels are amazing but the journey to the second hotel is very hard! ! I hope you like this video! xx Let me know if you like my sharing, do comment and give opinion. And don't forget to subscribe for more videos! Follow my Instagram for more updates! (🤍chenellewen) #travelvlog #chiangmai #thailand #thailandvlog #travelvlog * Follow Instagram: 🤍 Facebook page: 🤍 Blog: 🤍

HIDDEN GEMS for the top activities in CHIANG MAI, THAILAND 🇹🇭


There are always certain activities that stick out in an area. When the activities get really popular, they become very touristy and lose their "charm". We decided to go to three different popular "activities" in Chiang Mai and show you the hidden gems for each activity :) | #thailand #chiangmai | filmed in: December, 2022 | 🎵Download the copyright free songs we used in the video! (get a 30 day free trial here: 🤍 Song 1: ”Stupid Lies" by Luwaks Song 2: "Celebration of Life: by Tomas Skyldeberg Song 3: "You Got Me" by Daxton 🗺VISIT OUR WEBSITE: 💳 The BEST travel credit card: 🤍 —- 📷Get behind the scenes footage on Instagram: 📧 Email us for inquiries: Kyleandmadie🤍 ✈️PATREON: —- OUR TRAVEL GEAR 🌇Our Luggage: 🤍 🎒Our backpacks: 🤍 👕Our travel gear: 🤍 CHANNEL GOALS: 1,000 subscribers - November 2022 ✅ 5,000 subscribers - February 2023 10,000 subscribers - May 2023 This description contains affiliate links that allow you to find the items mentioned in this video and support the channel at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting our channel! ABOUT US: Hey! We are Kyle and Madie, two 20-something year old kids who live to travel. We have been together since 2016 and graduated college in December of 2021. We left August 27, 2022 to travel the world and travel on a budget of $60 a day as a couple. Follow along with us to see some epic places and see if we are able to stay on budget. Cheers! :)

Do you want to know how flooding of Chiang Mai is monitored


Flooding of Chiang Mai is monitored by the Thai Irrigation Department and the display screens, found at Nawarat Bridge in Chiang Mai City, are an ideal place to learn of the current status of the Ping River water level. The initial critical water height is 3.7, which triggers the flooding of an area in Padet, downstream of the city. #chiangmai #pingriver #flood Artlist Music sero - Safe Side 🔎 My other YouTube Channels ❤️ Bird Bath Chiang Mai Thailand 👉 👉 🤍 ❤️ Chiang Mai Weather Today 👉 👉 🤍 ☕️ Please consider Buying Me a Coffee 👉 👉 🤍 Equipment I use to record my videos 🔘 GoPro 10 🔘 Camera - iPhone 11Pro 🔘 Mic - Rode Lavalier 👉 👉 🤍 🔘 Mic - Rode Wireless Go 👉 👉 🤍 🔘 Drone - DJI Mavic Air 2 👉 👉 🤍 Editing 🔘 Final Cut Pro X Music Sources 🔘 Artlist Royalty Free Music 👉 👉 🤍

Our New Condo | Chiang Mai Thailand 2022


Finally, after a long 2 years, we started a major bucketlist checkoff of traveling full-time. We decided to start our travels in Chiang Mai, Thailand, as we've heard so many good things about the people, accommodations, and of course, the food! This video is for our friends and family as we just letting them know we are safe and sound! If you have any questions about how we found our apartment or want to know more about the process. Leave us a message in the comments or DM us on Instagram. We would love to help. #thailand #chiangmai #travel Live in Chiang Mai Real estate: 🤍 Subscribe to our website for blog posts and updates. 🤍​ _ Cameras Used: GoPro 9: iPhone 12 plus _ Music Credit: Blessings: Performed by Hollow Coves _ Check out our frequent updates on Instagram: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Want to work with us or collaborate? Email us ✉ lovetolatitude🤍

Life as a Single Male Retiree in Chiang Mai, Thailand | Retirement Visa | Elite Visa


In this video, we interview Bob Lyman, a single retiree in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We talk about the perks of relocating to Chiang Mai and the benefits that come with living here. ... Bob tells us a little bit about the retiree community and also the different ways of getting around this beautiful city. We also dive into the details of healthcare and insurance in Thailand. ... Chiang Mai is a wonderful place to retire in Thailand. Whether you're a couple retiring or moving on your own, Settle in Abroad can help every step of the way to make the relocation and settling-in process as easy and relaxing as possible. ... If you're interested in retiring in Thailand, feel free to reach out to us by scheduling a FREE Consultation Call via the link below. 🤍 Alternatively, email us on: info🤍 How you can support our channel: Buy me a coffee ☕ 🤍 Subscribe to our Patreon 🔴 🤍 Check out our website for more information: 🤍 Say hi to us on our Social Channels: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Video Credit: pernphotography🤍 🤍

watch this video, win a flight to Thailand 🇹🇭 Chiang Mai Meetup BTS


I just hit 300,000 Subscribers and every time i pass another 100K milestone, I give one of YOU a free flight to Bangkok from wherever in the world you live. So watch this video to find out how to enter. And also watch to see some behind the scenes footage of my Chiang Mai Meetup party. If you're wanting to join the best group tours in Thailand check this out: 🤍 Looking to retire, live, or work in Thailand? We got you covered. Check out our website: 🤍 Handy Links For Thailand Lovers... 🏠 Buying or Renting Property in Thailand: 🤍 🍲 Experience Thailand Like a Local: 🤍 🌴 Epic Thailand Group Tours: 🤍 ✈️ Free Flights, Meetups, and Fun: 🤍 👕 Thailand Merch: 🤍 🛏️ Secret Hotel Discounts: 🤍 🇹🇭 Thailand Travel Tools: 🤍 🏥 Medical Tourism in Thailand: 🤍 Join The Community... 📸 Instagram: 🤍 🎬 Facebook: 🤍 🐦 Twitter: 🤍 📽 Best Of Thailand Channel: 🤍 My goal with this channel is to grow a community of Thailand Lovers who like to have fun. Day dreaming is encouraged here. Always remember, you only get so many trips around the sun... so make 'em count!

our new life in Chiangmai #thailand


#thailand #chiangmai #amwf #thailandlife #thailandtravel #thailandvlog #expat #chiangmailife - I also have another youtube channel focused on my faith in the Lord. 🤍 - Do you want to see more of us? Follow us on instagram- 🤍 - shop my clothing brand- use code Lilly20 and get 20% off 🤍 - Hi my name is Lilly and I am an American expat living on the island of Koh Samui in the gulf of Thailand for the last 9 years. My husband is Thai and his name is Wat. We have two boys named Luke and Leon and a new baby girl named Lyla. Nam is our Nanny and she is like family to us. She is from Myanmar and has worked for us for over 7 years.

THAILAND TRAVEL VLOG SERIES EP 2: Chiang Mai Travel Guide (itinerary + expenses) | Jen Barangan


Welcome to the second episode of my Thailand Travel Vlog Series. For this episode, we will explore Chiang Mai, is the largest city in northern Thailand. #travel #thailand #travelguide #teambards Just in case you missed the first episode, watch it here: 🤍 LET'S BE FRIENDS! Instagram- 🤍 Twitter:a 🤍 Facebook Page: 🤍 For Collaboration: Email: jen.yambarangan🤍

✈️ BBJK IN CHIANG MAI กลับไทยฮีลใจ เที่ยวเชียงใหม่ 4 วัน! เก็บครบหมด vibes ดีสุดๆ | Babyjingko


คาเฟ่ ร้านอาหาร สวนดอกไม้ วัด อ่างแก้ว บาร์ ไปมาหมดดด CHIANG MAI VLOG 2021 🤍 . . . สายการบิน Thai Lion Air คนละ 3,000 บาท ที่พัก Cherlock Hotel ห้อง Junior Suite Pool จองใน agoda คืนละ 3,5xx บาท เช่ารถ Yu Rent a car วันละ 990 บาท ไม่รวมค่าน้ำมัน LOCATION: 📍 Cherlock Hotel 📍 Roast8ry Flagship Store 📍 Kao Soy Nimman (ข้าวซอยนิมมาน) 📍 Changphuak Suki (สุกี้ช้างเผือก หลัง มช.) 📍 Sun Rays Cafe 📍 BOB Coffee 📍 Playworks 📍 Wat Phra That Doi Kham (วัดพระธาตุดอยคำ) 📍 Haidilao Hot Pot MAYA Chiang Mai 📍 บัวลอยไข่หวานทรงเครื่อง (ไม่มีสาขา) 📍 MITTE MITTE 📍 Banna Flowers (สวนดอกไม้บ้านนาฟลาวเวอร์) 📍 OTW 📍 Tomato House 📍 Ang Kaew Reservoir (อ่างแก้ว มช.) 📍 Huen Suthep (เฮือนสุเทพ) 📍 Noir 📍 Sunday Baker กันแดดที่ใช้ L'Oreal Paris UV Defender Invisible Fluid SPF50+ PA lazada: 🤍 Shopee: 🤍 *sponsored ใช้จริงรีวิวจริง มันดีมากๆๆ แนะนำ CAMERA: Canon G7x Mark II & iphone 11 pro max Editing Software: Final Cut Pro special thanks to nice & ice! INSTAGRAM: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍



Gimana perkembangan kalian? apa baik-baik saja? Selama vakum kemarin, aku punya waktu bebas selama satu minggu. Aku manfaatin untuk pergi jauh, kencan sama diri sendiri tanpa melakukan dan memikirkan pekerjaan (ini pertama kalinya dalam sejarah hidupku!) Aku banyak merenung dan berdiskusi dengan diri sendiri sembari mengamati orang asing di sekelilingku~ Dan ini yang aku dapat selama vakum: DULU 👁‍🗨 punya mimpi besar tapi sebatas khayalan 👁‍🗨 punya semangat menggebu saat ngelakuin sesuatu tapi selalu berhenti di tengah jalan karena capek, bosan atau hopeless 👁‍🗨 lebih dominan perasaan dibanding logika 👁‍🗨 gak banyak melakukan hal berguna 👁‍🗨 terlalu banyak buang waktu dengan mind-set “besok aja deh” 👁‍🗨 kerja hanya sekedar biar dapat uang bulanan 👁‍🗨 mengutamakan pacar dan teman dibanding keluarga 👁‍🗨 sering senyum dan ketawa karena pikiran sendiri — yang orang lain gak tau SEKARANG 🔸punya mimpi besar dan berusaha untuk bawa keluar ke kenyataan 🔸mulai fokus, berusaha dan nemuin cara buat wujudin impian 🔸komit dengan segala hal yang udah dimulai sampai liat ujungnya akan seperti apa 🔸 lebih dominan logika dibanding perasaan 🔸 memanfaatkan waktu sebaik mungkin soalnya udah banyak banget moment buang waktu percumanya 🔸 jadi agak sensitif kalo ketemu orang dan mereka bilang, “besok aja deh” padahal bisa dikerjain saat itu juga 🔸 berusaha kerjain hal-hal yang disukai untuk bikin diri sendiri bahagia : syukur-syukur bisa bikin lebih dekat ke impianku — syukur-syukur bisa bikin orang lain bahagia — syukur-syukur bisa jadi kelangsungan hidupku 🔸 lebih selektif dalam berteman biar gak menyimpang terlalu jauh 🔸 lebih utamain keluarga dan impian 🔸 masih suka senyum dan ketawa gak jelas — gak mau ubah hal ini karena bukan hal buruk 🔸 lebih sering stress, banyak tekanan dan tuntutan 🔸 terlalu mengkhawatirkan masa depan Untuk urusan masa depan, kayaknya kalo dikhawatirkan mulu malah jadi buang-buang waktu. Iya gak, sih? Masa depan kan sifatnya gak pasti dan bisa berubah, makanya gak ada orang yang bisa prediksi masa depan kita dengan tepat. Kenapa gak pasti dan bisa berubah? Karena masa depan ditentukan dari apa yang kita lakukan saat ini! Jadi lebih baik fokus di masa kini aja, biar bisa tata masa depan jadi lebih baik ke depannya~💛 bukan kebalikannya! Dear Stress, Tekanan & Tuntutan, Maafin aku yah karena selalu gak menerima kalian dengan baik. Selalu melihat kalian sebagai beban dan hal negatif yang bikin moodku jadi jelek. Bahkan aku gak pernah bilang terima kasih ke kalian. Stress, makasih kamu selalu mampir di hidupku. Kehadiranmu jadi kesempatan buat aku untuk semakin kenal diriku. Tekanan dan Tuntuan, makasih juga yah... berkat kalian, aku jadi harus pacu diriku untuk terus melangkah maju 🙃 xoxo, RSW

Chiang Mai Budget Travel Paradise - Cost of Living Thailand 2022


I take you along My Life in Thailand Chiang Mai and share a Perspective on Cost of Living Insurance for Travel (Thailand requires an Insurance for Traveling but this Option is also great for Digital Nomads): 🤍 Join me on Instagram : 🤍 Absolute Gym in Chiang Mai (Great Gym in the City Center): google maps Location: 🤍 Their Instagram: 🤍 Scooter in Chiang Mai: Website: 🤍 Contact for Whatsapp Booking: +66877280515 Where I get great Music for my Videos (try it our for free): 🤍 Check out my second Channel (spontaneous talks around mindset): 🤍 MY Gear(UPDATED 2021): Drone: 🤍 Camera: 🤍 Great Lens: 🤍 My Gimbal: 🤍 My Laptop (great for YouTube): 🤍 Above you find my afilliate links, by using them you support my work at no extra cost to you. 00:00 Intro 01:24 Chiang Mai Old Town 02:46 Night Market 05:35 Cafe 07:15 Best Gym Chiang Mai 10:05 Malls and Modern Areas 12:00 Scooter Rental 13:22 University Night Markets 15:00 Greetings from South Thailand

【🇹🇭 4K】Most Luxurious Overnight Bus in Thailand - Bangkok to ChiangMai cost $19


Hello, today I will take you to take the bus overnight. The latest cars of Thailand Traveling from Bangkok to Chiang Mai for only 693 baht ($18.45) is a great way to travel. Have fun and enjoy this video. NCA Gold Class - Social Distancing V.2 - 32 seats You can book the ticket in website : 🤍 Time : around 10 PM Temperature : 27C date : 8 October 2022 [My Gear] Camera : iPhone 14 Pro Gimbal : Zhiyun Crane M2 Thank you for watching 🙏🏼 I haven't been able to reply much, but I'm so happy to see all the comments! 😀 If you like, please subscribe to my channel and press the LIKE button. = 🚩 TikTok | 🤍 = 🚩 Subscribe for REAL THAILAND 4K : 🤍 = #NightBus #EnglishSubtitles #SoloTravel #Thailand​​ #Bangkok #2022

VIP BUS from CHIANG MAI to CHIANG RAI + FIRST IMPRESSIONS! 🇹🇭 Thailand Travel Vlog 2022


In today's Thailand travel vlog, we take the VIP bus to Chiang Rai after spending five wonderful weeks in Chiang Mai. We started the day by catching a songthaew and planned to make one last trip to Central Festival Mall, but after getting stuck in traffic, we headed straight to Bus Terminal 3 instead. We spent a few minutes window shopping before devouring a bowl of yellow noodle soup and hopping on the VIP bus heading from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai. After arriving in Chiang Rai, we walked to Spinomad Hostel and settled in before heading back out to explore the city. The Chiang Rai Walking Street was closed, so we made our way to the Chiang Rai Night Bazaar before stopping at an Indian restaurant near our hotel and calling it an early night. Filmed December 2022. There is much more to come in our next two vlogs when we explore amazing temples and night markets that you shouldn't miss! Watch our previous video here! 🤍 WHERE WE STAYED IN CHIANG MAI: 🤍 WHERE WE ATE IN CHIANG MAI: 🤍 WHERE WE STAYED IN CHIANG RAI: 🤍 WHERE WE ATE IN CHIANG RAI: 🤍 We hope you enjoy our Chiang Rai vlog, and, as always, we'll see you in our next video! Be sure to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and COMMENT if you enjoyed this video! BUSINESS INQUIRIES: mikeandashleytravel🤍 SUPPORT OUR CHANNEL: 🤍 JOIN OUR GROWING COMMUNITY: 🤍 TRAVEL MUST-HAVES: VPN: 🤍 Travel & Medical Insurance: 🤍 #chiangmai #chiangrai #thailand #vip

Luxury Condo $790 A Month “TWIN PEAKS” Chiang Mai, Thailand (Expat Life)


We rented from Perfect Homes of Chiang Mai. They have a large selection of houses and condos to choose from. Rent for 3 months / 6 months / one year. This is not sponsored. Link to perfect homes: 🤍 Condos name Is Twin Peaks Before you run to the comment section please don’t forget to subscribe and hit that bell! 🫡😎❤️ The release of this video Ann(Onuma) and I have been together 10 months living currently in Chiang Mai, Thailand. My name is Cory and I am from Florida, USA. Ann is from Ubon Rach… Thailand Neither one of us have lived in Chiang Mai but we love this beautiful quiet mountain city.

Tandoori Pork Belly!! THAI STREET FOOD - Insane Meat Tour in Chiang Mai, Thailand!


🎥 $0.64 Thai Street Food: 🤍 🔔 SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 Don’t miss new food videos! CHIANG MAI, THAILAND - Welcome to Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand and home to some amazing Thai street food. Today we’re going on a Thai street food tour where we’ll eat some of the crispiest pork belly cooked in a giant earthenware jar - similar to a tandoor oven. Then we’ll eat some more Thai street food including Thai rice and curry, northern Thai rice noodles, and a legendary place for sweet roti. Let’s go eat! Places in this Thai street food tour in Chiang Mai: Neng Earthen Jar Roast Pork เหน่ง ไก่ย่าง หมูกรอบอบโอ่ง ร้านลับ ต้องโดน (🤍 - This is the main spot, on the side of the road you’ll find half a dozen huge ceramic jars, which are used similar to a tandoor. The jar ovens are heated with charcoal on the bottom and all the pork belly and chicken hangs on the sides. The crispy pork belly is insanely tasty, and so crispy. The cooking method allows the meat to cook from the inside out and the skin to fully crispify. Amazing place, highly recommended when you’re in Chiang Mai. Nam Ngiaw Loong Pong น้ำเงี้ยวลุงพงษ์ (🤍 - Price - 40 THB - Easily one of the most popular and local comfort foods of northern Thailand is nam ngiaw (น้ำเงี้ยว), a porky tomato stew that’s eaten with soft rice noodles. Uncle Pong cooks one pot a day and when it’s gone it’s gone. It’s a traditional taste and a very friendly place. O-Rote Ded โอรสเด็ด (🤍 - Next up on this Thai street food tour we’re going to O-Rote Ded โอรสเด็ด, which is famous for their Thai rice and curry. Everything is ready, you just go up to the front choose what looks good and try it. Make sure you arrive sometime in the morning 8 - 9 am is good to get the best selection. Black Car Coffee (🤍 - Right across the street, you’ll find P’Anchan who sells amazing coffee out of his old car. Rotee Pa Day (โรตีป้าเด) - 🤍 - Finally to complete this amazing Thai street food tour in Chiang Mai, we’re going to Rotee Pa Day (โรตีป้าเด), where Aunty Day has been making roti for over 39 years - she’s a legend! One of the things she does differently is use only coconut oil for frying her roti which makes a huge difference. You can taste the cleanness of it. She’s also been recognized in the Thailand Michelin guide. Thank you for watching and hope you have a great time eating Thai food when you’re in Chiang Mai! 🎵MUSIC: 🤍 —————————————————— 🍌100% Real Durian Chips - Order Here: 🤍 👕Get t-shirts and caps: 🤍 —————————————————— 📱FOLLOW: Instagram: 🤍

CHIANGMAI เที่ยวเชียงใหม่ยังไงให้เหมือนไปเกาหลี 4 วัน 23 ร้าน✨ | WEARTOWORKSTYLE


ทริปหนีสามีเที่ยวกลับมาอีกแล้ว รอบนี้เวอชั่นเชียงใหม่เจ้า ไปกับแก๊งเพื่อนที่เข้าขากันสุด แมชกันทุกชุด จัดเต็มทุกoutfits เป็นการมาเชียงใหม่ที่ใหม่มาก แต่ละร้านคือเด็ดต้องไป Check-in เริ่มกันเลย....‼️ DAY 1:: BOB COFFEE 🤍 Papa Curry แกงกะหรี่ต่อคิวในตำนาน Hiding. 🤍 EVERGREEN 🤍 📍ที่พัก ANYDAY Chiangmai 🤍 ร้านเสื้อ Aliotte 🤍 อ่างแก้ว มช. ร้านบ้านไร่ยามเย็น DAY 2:: Rab.a.bit.cnx 🤍 Lyke&Lia 🤍 Uncle Kani 🤍 NEW TOWN Nimman 🤍 Goodsouls Kitchen 🤍 DAY 3:: Larder Cafe & Bar 🤍 PLAYWORKS Thinkpark 🤍 ร้านลาบต้นยาง PL U T O 🤍 ร้านไอติม Chupaletas 🤍 Penicillin Oden & Bar 🤍 NOIR CMI 🤍 DAY 4:: Khagee 🤍 Blackitch 🤍 HYBRID 🤍 ........................................­­­­­­­­.............. FOLLOW ME ON: INSTAGRAM: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 YOUTUBE: 🤍 BLOG: 🤍

Nightlife at Mae Kha Canal Chiang Mai's New Tourist Attraction #chiangmai #attraction #streetfood


Nightlife at Mae Kha Canal, Chiang Mai's new tourist attraction is set among the ancient city eastern boundary. With a huge injection of support from Chiang Mai authorities to not just brighten the area but to form opportunities for residents with homes next to the canal, to attract tourists and develop small businesses selling food refreshments and batik. This video also shows scenes of Lanna Bird Club performing an annual census of Wagtail birds that flock and roost at this time of year in the trees near to Thapae Gate. Wagtail Census Location 🤍 🤍 Mae Kha Canal Tourist Attraction "Khlong Mae Kha" 🤍 Artlist Music BalloonPlanet - Absolutely Cool 🔎 My other YouTube Channels ❤️ Bird Bath Chiang Mai Thailand 👉 👉 🤍 ❤️ Chiang Mai Weather Today 👉 👉 🤍 ☕️ Please consider Buying Me a Coffee 👉 👉 🤍 Equipment I use to record my videos 🔘 GoPro 10 🔘 Camera - iPhone 11Pro 🔘 Mic - Rode Lavalier 👉 👉 🤍 🔘 Mic - Rode Wireless Go II 👉 👉 🤍 🔘 Drone - DJI Mavic Air 2 👉 👉 🤍 Editing 🔘 Final Cut Pro X Music Sources 🔘 Artlist Royalty Free Music 👉 👉 🤍

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